All you need to know about ArcGIS Full Motion Video (FMV).

Full Motion Video (FMV) is an imagery capability that provides continuous moving coverage of a unique geographic area. With Full Motion Video (FMV), users can view, process, and analyze video in the ArcGIS mapping environment. As long as common video metadata are available, FMV is compatible with a variety of common video formats, whether captured from fixed vantage points, airborne platforms, or drones.

With FMV, you can search a collection of videos covering an area of interest, easily capture individual video frames, integrate your videos with aerial imagery or maps, and more.

Note: FMV is different from a regular video because it contains a specific type of metadata associated with the video stream.

Full Motion Video Data Collection.

FMV can be collected using various platforms or sensors. The most common type of FMV is collected from aerial platforms. These can be fixed wing or helicopters, remotely piloted aircraft or drones, and even orbital platforms. Static platforms, such as stationary or fixed cameras, provide a set field of view. FMV can be collected from sensors mounted on ground vehicles, too. In many cases, the sensor can be operated to collect independently of the platform. Sensors can swivel, rotate, zoom, or (if capable) change collection modes.

Depending on the platform and sensor, operators can easily monitor and evaluate areas in both real-time and archived collections. FMV collections in MISB format, whether near real-time or recorded for use later, can be processed and viewed using the ArcGIS FMV add-in.

ArcGIS Full Motion Video (FMV) Add-In.

The ArcGIS Full Motion Video (FMV) add-in enables you to quickly and easily analyze video data within your ArcGIS environment, whether captured from drones, manned aircraft, or other platforms.

The ArcGIS Full Motion Video (FMV) add-in gives analysts the ability to integrate video streams into GIS. Specific formats of full motion video allow you to geo-enable a video stream so it can accurately be displayed with other overlapping GIS layers directly in an ArcMap window. Conversely, GIS layers can be accurately displayed in a separate but connected video window.

Whether you are providing reconnaissance of a battlefield, observing closed-circuit video feeds for a public safety agency, or using a sensor to monitor natural resources, it is geography that binds all of these applications together. This fact makes ArcGIS the ideal platform to support full motion video analysis and operations.

Note: ArcGIS FMV add-in is available free of charge to customers current on maintenance with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.0 or higher. 


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